Cooking versus Socializing (AKA Dinner Day 1)

So last night I knew I SHOULD go out (because I’m in college and it was Saturday night etc), but I really didn’t want to. I wanted to hide in my mostly empty new apartment and make huge amounts of food.
The background story here is less that I’m a devoted chef, and more that my life has lately been a disney channel original movie. This week would be translated to film as me looking pathetic, possibly gazing wistfully into windows of happy people, while melodramatic background music played and I engaged in some god awful soprano solo while crying in the rain. Ugh. I’ve always used those scenes as my bathroom break.
I did, at length, force myself out of my room. And I had fun, despite feeling waaaaaay too old for the sweaty packed dorm room scene.
Not to mention, before going out, this blonde girl right here made Indian food! And it was GOOD. I got spices at the indian market, and while my chicken saag curry did taste made by a white person, it could have reasonably been mistaken as just being made *for* a white person. Mostly it tasted like french food and indian food procreated, which is pretty hot (if slightly less spicy).
I didn’t have brown rice to make, so I ate it with a brown rice tortilla. Check it:

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